by Sarah McLeod


Victory. Triumph. Success. Who doesn’t yearn for that feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment in their life?

Yesterday my 10 year-old boy’s baseball team won the little league championship. The air was thick with the ecstasy and glee as the team, coaches and parents whooped and hollered in celebration.

The smiles were wide. Faces were lit. The kids were beaming.

The boys efforts and hard work were validated and recognized in front of the crowd as they walked up to receive their trophies.

What a great day.

And the moment will be captured by photos and stories will be told and years later they will recall the feeling and it will be a defining moment in their lives, etched in their minds forever.

And as I muse and gaze at the photos I think to myself…What if that feeling of elation were possible every day? What if it were possible to feel so completely saturated with bliss and ecstasy that no matter what you were doing, you felt triumphant?

What if that feeling of victory was something that you fostered from the inside? And that radiated through your entire being?

No fanfare, celebration or accolades needed. No validation from an external source. If the feeling of success inside is so utterly complete and all encompassing – what need is there of kudos from others?

A life lived with a clear conscience. No snags or tangles, no lurking feelings of discontent. Radiance inside and out, fulfillment at the most profound level of existence.

And the whooping and hollering when you are in this state of being doesn’t come from people patting you on the back or your acceptance speech on stage. It comes from all of creation. Everywhere you look, everything you feel is celebrating you. The trees, birds, the sky, the ground, the very air is dancing. In this moment you are an open channel for the divine. You are a conduit for the power of God. You are in holy-communion with Creator. This is true liberation. This is self-realization.

Universal law 101, what is experienced inside, is reflected outside.

The microcosm echoes the macrocosm. The infinity symbol is woven through the fabric of reality.

The internal celebration is reflected by the external particles of consciousness and the experience of reality is becomes blissfully ecstatic. You literally become celebrated by all of existence. The unseen realms of spirit rejoice.

Balance is attained. Equilibrium.

The need to puff ourselves up and make ourselves feel important so that we feel that we are winning – is a hollow and fleeting experience. The energy involved in maintaining that façade is incredibly draining of the life force. Why not seek to experience the fulfillment and success on the inside. It is unassuming, humble and magnificent. When we win on the inside. All of creation celebrates our triumph.

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