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Welcome to Vision Weaving with Sarah McLeod – spirit healer. I offer an experience and a journey to assist in your souls evolution in alignment with your highest purpose. 


About Me

Our work together is about remembering who you are as a Spirit. Your spirit reveals what is ready to be cleared in your consciousness and shines the light into the parts of you that have remained in shadow. It’s like having the lights go on in your mind and finding pieces of the puzzle you didn’t know were missing. 

By shifting energy imprints at the source, healing energy then ripples into the physical body. I acknowledge that all healing comes from the divine. When we align with our divine self – miracles happen, doors open, we experience the magic of synchronicity.

Vision Weaving Session (distant/remote)

This work is based on the understanding that energy precedes matter and consciousness precedes energy. Given the nature of Sarah’s life experiences, she is able to see a holographic version of your energy field and shift the patterns of trauma, disease, and violations that affect the physical body… more

Sacred Living Space

Time for an energetic cleanse on your space? Is there sickness in your family? Are you having bad dreams or aware of bad vibes in a building? Are you starting a new chapter and wanting to ‘reset’ the energy program in your space. Is there negative energy or sickness from a previous inhabitant? … more

Shamanic Healing energy (in person)

If you are in the Byron Shire, I welcome you to come for a Shamanic Healing Energy session.  While you lay on the table, eyes closed, we create sacred space and call in the spirit helpers to reveal the energy that is stuck or stagnant. These sessions are deep and like receiving energetic surgery. Often people receive visions and messages, or drift into a deeply relaxed, trance-like state as the healing energy flows.  ~“Life-Changing”

Sarah’s History

Sarah was born in Australia and spent her childhood years running wild in New Zealand. Her family has spent their lives living between the USA and Australia and is currently living in Byron Shire, Australia.

Her first teacher was His Holiness Swami Vivekananda Saraswati otherwise known as Master Charles Cannon. Before he left his physical body, he gave his blessings for the work of Vision Weaving to flourish and thrive.  It was with his guidance that she turned to meditation and turned her focus inward.

Soon after her life journey began she experienced an incident where her sense of self was brutally violated and obliterated into billions of fragments.  


Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

His Holiness Swami Vivekananda Saraswati

“I applaud your commitment to the truth”

~ Master Charles Cannon

This experience catalyzed a life long journey in search of healing. She has devoted the last 30 years to retrieve the fragmented pieces of her soul through creativity, ceremony, meditation, and prayer.  She has sat at the feet of a great number of master healers, Gurus, and Shamans. In one Sacred Ceremony with an Indigenous elder from Colombia, she experienced what felt like actually dying and realized later upon waking, that it was the death of her ‘victim story’.

Through these sacred ceremonies, she came to understand that it was divine intervention that has allowed her to be here today and that she was brought her back from the brink of death. Because of the nature of the NDE,  (near-death experience) she discovered many psychic- intuitive gifts that were generated from that experience.  Sarah is able to see the holographic imprint of an energy field and the patterns and forms of discord that create glitches in a persons waking experience.  Trauma, violations and disease all present as different patterns in a persons field and when transformed, are reflected in the waking experience of reality.

Vision weaving is weaving the threads behind the veil that create the fabric of waking reality.

While her life journey has been intense and often painful it has opened her to so much magic and extraordinary wonder at the beauty of life and the orchestration of source consciousness. In doing this work, she simply offers to light the path for others to find their way home.

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