Welcome to Vision Weaving with Sarah McLeod

Vision Weaving is the art of transformation.  In unity consciousness we are creating heaven on Earth.  Sarah is a multi-generation healer and intuitive, soul seer. In co-creation with the highest good, we are weaving a new Earth, a new paradigm, a new way of existing.  

Remember your true power.  Remember your place in the divine plan.  Remember who you are.  My work is to assist you to reclaim your consciousness  and reawaken your ability to heal your Body, Mind and Spirit.  As we heal our selves, we heal our Earth.

Healing Sessions

A Vision Weaving session is a transformation of the mind, body and spirit. By clearing your energy field and shining the light into your consciousness, it facilitates a profound and deep healing. It is the gateway for your spirit to bring clarity and guidance to areas in your life that you feel stuck or fragmented.   With mind, body and spirit in harmony, the way forward becomes very real and very clear in alignment with your highest purpose.

We start by debriefing with what is happening in your life and where you would like the focus of the healing to be.  Followed by the session where you lay down with your awareness turned inward. The sessions are co-created and guided with Spirit and generally leave you feeling incredibly relaxed.

Speaker / Group Workshops

Sarah likes to empower and inspire an awakening of consciousness working with a group.  These sessions are dynamic and playful and are fully improvised – meeting the energy present in the room.  People comment on the powerful energy and come away feeling inspired to live and fulfill their divine mission and purpose.  

The work is co-created with spirit in the moment to enliven and inspire.

Shamanic House Clearing

Time for an energetic cleanse on your space? Are you having bad dreams or aware of bad vibes in a building? Are you starting a new chapter and wanting to ‘reset’ the energy program in your space. Is there negative energy or sickness from a previous inhabitant? Are you trying to sell your house? Are you a realtor trying to sell a property?

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Healing Audio Releases

Guided Audio Meditations and Vibrational Healing Music are powerful tools for healing.

Client Testimonials

Commissioned Art works – “Energy Activation Portals”

Each design is individually created by Sarah to assist you on your journey to conscious awakening, healing and wholeness. In the process of creating your personal artwork, Sarah will tune into your essence while in a state of prayer and meditation and allow the artwork to come forth. Her hands are guided, just as they are in a private healing session.  


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