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I help Leaders, Visionaries and Healers realize their highest purpose and reclaim their true power, by creating sacred healing ceremonies, so they live in alignment with Spirit Guidance and the magic of synchronicity.

A Vision Weaving session is a transformation of the mind, body and spirit. This work is about shining the light into the parts of your consciousness that are in shadow and finding pieces of the puzzle that have yet to be revealed to you. Your own spirit guides each session and reveals what is ready to be absolved and integrated as soul-life lessons.
Due to the nature of Sarah’s early childhood life experience, she is able to see patterns and forms that have imprinted in your holographic energy field.

Imagine if lifetimes of accumulated experience have led you to this moment and at last you are ready to surrender and be free . This work is a ritual of remembering and reawakening your ability to heal.  By reclaiming your sovereignty. you are freeing yourself of the mental constructs and emotional tangles that bind you.

Together we are weaving the threads behind the veil that create the fabric of your waking experience of reality.

Vision Weaving is a co-creation of Conscious Intention and Spirit Guidance.

Your spirit knows how to heal you. Let your spirit shine. Reclaim your sovereignty and be free.

Your spirit knows how to heal you. Let your spirit shine. Reclaim your sovereignty and be free.


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Fame, fortune, success, and all the luxuries that money can buy? Are you an A list celebrity or a star, who from outside looking in – has it all?  And yet – still you feel like something is missing in your life?

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