Welcome to Vision Weaving with Sarah McLeod

Vision Weaving is the art of transformation. 

***Let your Spirit Shine!***

Sarah is a shamanic energy healer, artist and activist.

My work is to hold space for you to be the Grandest Vision of the Greatest Version of you.   

Shamanic Energy Healing- in person and remote

A Vision Weaving session is a transformation of the mind, body and spirit. This work is about shining the light into the parts of your consciousness that are in shadow and finding pieces of the puzzle that have yet to be revealed to you. Your own spirit guides each session and reveals what is ready to be absolved and integrated as soul-life lessons.
Due to the nature of Sarah’s early childhood life experience, she is able to see patterns and forms that have imprinted in your holographic energy field. 
With Spirit Guidance, we are weaving the threads behind the veil that create the fabric of your waking reality. Together we weave a vision of a life that is profoundly rich, deeply fulfilling and in alignment with your divinity.
This work is about reconnecting you to your own spirit guidance, so that you can navigate the pathway forward with absolute clarity. By clearing the patterns of emotional stagnation  and mental interference, the messages from your own spirit become crystal clear.
Your spirit knows how to heal you. 
Consider that lifetimes of accumulated experience have led you to this moment.
Hold this work as a sacred ceremony and a ritual of remembering and reawakening your ability to heal.  Consider it as: reclaiming your consciousness and reclaiming your sovereignty.


This is an invitation to join a sacred space of empowerment and inspiration. As a patreon member, you will be first in line to receive the many healing offerings as rewards.  This is about uniting us as a force of good and force of light.  You are not alone!  Together we are stronger.  Mother Earth needs our help.  Let us weave the threads of love and light and inspire ourselves to live a life with purpose and support life on Earth.

As always, the work is a co-creation with Spirit Guidance –

A-List Celebrity Star package

Fame, fortune, success and all the luxuries that money can buy? Are you an A list celebrity or a star, who from outside looking in – has it all?  And yet – still you feel like something is missing in your life?

Do you feel drained by being in the public eye and having your attention constantly sought after?  Or have you taken on so many roles that you are feeling like you don’t know who you are anymore?

If you recognise a deep longing and  yearning for something greater, more meaningful, more profound and more fulfilling in your life.  I can help you.

This work is for you if you are ready to commit to your true calling and finding your role in the great awakening of humanity. Imagine the liberation of living in alignment with your Spirit and understanding your part in the grand-cosmic-scheme of things at this critical juncture on planet Earth.  This work is for you if you are you ready to be empowered to live a life in alignment with your highest self and make a tremendous contribution to all of life on Earth.

Sarah has already worked with a number of celebrities and can promise the utmost discretion into this deep and profound inquiry of your life.  She works with the unseen forces at play and understands that these are amplified to the nth degree when living a life in the spotlight.  She is not afraid!  These sessions are individually created to cater to your lifestyle as guided by your Spirit.

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Let your spirit shine!

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