by Sarah McLeod

This is not just any story – this is THE story of our time. It is a tragedy, a romance, a comedy an adventure, a horror a fantasy and a science fiction story all in one….

It is the story of our time here on Earth; it is the story of the human race. It is a story of the Eco Warriors that are called to be of service in devotion to our very essence…that which is our inherent nature. It is nature itself speaking to us through the eyes and ears and voices of the people who have the means to hear the message and relay the warnings. Those who are pulled to devote their lives to assisting those who don’t have a voice, those who see the fragile threads of the web that sustains all life…

These people do not seek the spot light, or fame or money or glorification…they are driven by a deeper need to support where there is desperate need…

They do not fit the popular culture paradigm of obsession with appearances and material things. They seek a deeper connection with all beings; all people all creatures all life. They recognize and celebrate diversity as wisdom and sharing and heart felt connection that fulfills in us a deep need to live in community and connect with another being in a profound and meaningful way.

The seek to understand the indigenous cultures and the timeless wisdom that these first nations have held in place before money and power and greed ruled supreme. They seek to understand the alignment these nations and these people had with their connection to Great Spirit, Creator…walking in harmony with nature, not trying to control or dominate that which is beyond regulation. Universal law 101 is balance. Nature seeks to restore balance.

Eco Warriors hold dear the rich and majestic tapestry that is our biodiversity and the extraordinary miracle that is the web of all life. They are painfully aware of the fragility of that web.

They work alongside Story tellers, Artists, Film Makers, Children, Researchers, Scientists, Indigenous Elders, Shamans, Priests, Rabbi’s, Imam’s, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Chiefs, The Law, The Federal Courts, Governments, the Media to uphold a voice of integrity and compassion and speak to our highest values as humans.

They are the David’s to the corporate Goliaths. They are highly intelligent and skilled, creative, analytical group of people that are tackling an obstacle that is so immense that the mountains in their path seem unsurpassable. But they do not give up. They have no choice but to walk the path they have chosen because they know too much. They have chosen to be aware of the destruction and the devastation and the plight of the animals, the indigenous people, the communities, the flora and fauna that are at the mercy of the corporate machine that chews through life.

Yes the corporate machine. The monster which is our own creation, that has taken on a life of it’s own. The nemesis of our own making, that spits out a toxic plume of sickness, waste and devastation in its wake.

Eco Warriors work tirelessly for very little return. Small victories keep them going. Their organizations are under funded; they have families, bills, responsibilities, children, sickness, and pain like everybody else. They carry a tremendous burden if they do not have the resources to heal themselves.

They walk in the world with an awareness that is astute and often painful to bear. They recognize that their own healing is the healing of our planet. There is a spiritual awakening that is rippling through these people because there is the recognition that the enormity of the task at hand is beyond any one persons capability to amend. It is only through connection and community that we can avert cataclysmic catastrophe. It is this connection and community that is revered and held sacred. It is the sacred in all life that is revealing itself and rippling into our consciousness on the most epic scale.

It is holding sacred the awe and reverence for ALL life and recognizing that the homeless person on the street, the sex slave in Asia, the starving child in Africa, the child terrorist in Pakistan – through to Royalty, the most influential business person or the President of the United States is one and the same. We are human. We all feel pain. We all feel love. We all have the ability to feel compassion for another being that experiences pain. This is our highest expression. This is our greatest good.

Every day there is a discovery of new species. With the exploration of our deepest oceans, to the densest jungle, to our highest peaks and our darkest caves. The Earth continues to reveal its splendor. Eco Warriors are here to preserve, to protect, to restore and to walk the path of balance as a shining example to others. The exploration of this glorious jewel of a planet, ultimately leads to the exploration of the self.

I speak to you as a mother, a wife, a sister, an elder, and a daughter a friend and a survivor. This is not a pitch. This is a plea. We are nature’s ambassadors. We give voice to the beings that have no words. We speak on behalf of all nations and all creatures and all beings.

This is beyond religion and politics. Our time now is recognizing that our very survival is at stake and that we stand at the crossroads. If we do not hear the call of Mother Nature she will unleash her fury like never before and we will all suffer the consequences. She has been flexing her muscles as she wakes to find her surface scarred and burned. But we have not even begun to see the power of this planet in full force, conscious, awakened. The Indigenous Elders say she has been sleeping and when she is fully awake she will find that she has not been revered. She has been violated repeatedly.

Indigenous communities revered the Earth, just as they revered the sun. The sun, source of all our power was honored as the divine Father, the Earth, source of all our nourishment: the divine Mother. “As above, so below.”

Heaven on Earth is a state of being. Equanimity is a presence of mind.

We all seek this state as it is our inherent nature to restore balance. We are nature. We are not separate. We inhabit a biological structure that enables us to experience life. Just as the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, the earths natural systems emulate our body’s functions. The patterns in nature are repeated unto infinity. A single tree demonstrates the pattern of the alveoli in the lung. The branching of a river likened to our veins.

The Amazon is our largest artery. It is in danger of being blocked. Corporate greed would stifle it’s flow and devastate the lives of the local communities in the name of profit. The obsession with the dollar has got to stop. Money will not save us. It is illusory and intangible. It is yet another demonstration of supreme imbalance with the elite one percent living in opulence while others experience lives of quiet and desperate destitution.

Our oceans are dying. Scientists and Eco Warriors have been raising the alarm for years and still the majority of the population of the planet is mired in a haze of self obsessed delusion.

We are speaking to the great awakening of the human race. For the human race has been walking through the motions of existence as the walking dead. We are numb, pacified, medicated, programmed, drugged, blinded and disillusioned by the matrix of the corporate machine that would have us believe that we are separate and unworthy and grotesque, that we are useless and powerless. That we are not worthy of a life that is lived in peace and in love and in light. They we are not worthy of self-love. The plight of our Global situation is a sickness of the mind. The human race is trapped in a feedback loop of binding insanity.   Our priorities are distorted. Our children are dying. Violence reigns supreme. We are blinded by our beliefs and our religions, our righteousness, our obsession with material gain and personal gratification. We have been taught to believe that our life is more important than anyone else’s. That our quality of life is what matters most. We have been programmed to believe that this quality is derived from what we wear, what we drive, how we look. We do not look deeper than the surface of who we are.

Hollywood has it’s own role in this play. And it has a responsibility to shed light on the shadow that it has fostered and bred through the visceral enactments of violence and self-glorification on screen. It starts with the people who command respect and pull strings recognizing that they have an ability to affect great change and ultimately heal the damage that has been done through the fabrication of the great lie.

Eco Warriors recognize that within each of us is the power to generate a positive force of change and transformation. They hold that spark and carry it like a beacon, for all who have the eyes to see and ears to hear their message, or to heed the call. It is a call to action. It is a call to wakefulness. It is a call to choose a life of profound fulfillment over material gain. It is a call to each an every one of us to wake up.


Now is the time.


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